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Our Mission Statement

Here at Elite Sports Recruiting, we are committed to the process of providing high school athletes the opportunity to play at the next level.  Our goal is not only to get players exposed to any college, but rather one that best fits his/her talent level, academic standing, and location preference.  Aside from providing our players with an opportunity to earn scholarship money, or just a spot on the team, we also want to help them become better off the field by showing what it takes to make their dreams become reality.


What we offer:

  • We will initially provide an evaluation with the player and family to determine their expectations, needs, and preferences.  At this time we will help the player come up with a list of colleges to focus on.  Will also provide player and family a letter template that can be used to make initial contact with the programs of their choice.

  • No matter which package you choose to go with, we provide a professionally produced video in the classic recruiting format.

  • Each video is tailored specific to the player’s position, and college and academic interest.

  • Included in the production is the showcase of certain player metrics and measurable.  These include, but are not limited to , multiple camera angles that coaches are looking for, and radar gun velocity (infield, outfield, off the mound, behind the plate, exit velocity, etc).  Depending on package chosen, video will also display data gathered by our state of the art Rapsodo Technology.

  • Once your video is produced, we will offer mentoring on what else the player needs to do in order to get noticed by the colleges on their list.  We will advocate for the player and their family to the appropriate college coaches.

  • Depending on the package chosen, we will have continual communication to the colleges that were initially listed by the player and family.  Once again, based off of the player’s capability (first priority), location, academics, and family needs preferences discussed in the initial evaluation.

  • Players will also be referred to our partners at Elite Strength and Conditioning for a free evaluation, which will then give them the opportunity to be put in a speed and strength training program.

  • With our recent addition of Rapsodo, players will also get an opportunity to display their ability in a scientific way.

  • Rapsodo uses state of the art technology in order to provide feedback on player’s hitting and pitching metrics.

  • As a hitter, batted balls will be recorded and immediately displayed, showing data such as exit velocity, launch angle, spin rate (RPM), and distance traveled.  Pitchers may also have the opportunity to use this technology, which measures their pitch speed, spin rate (RPM), spin efficiency, and vertical and horizontal break.

  • Not only will this show coaches the player’s skill in a more concrete and detailed manner, but we will also provide feedback as to what these numbers mean and how to improve upon them in order to become a better overall player.

  • Depending on the package chosen, the Rapsodo results will be displayed side by side in sync with the player’s swing or pitch in his/her video.


Why Elite Sports Recruiting?

  • Elite Sports Recruiting has a proven track record of over 300 players recruited to colleges of all levels (D1, D2, D3, NAIA, JUCO)

  • Working relationship with 150+ colleges across the country

  • Have developed strong credibility with the coaches of these colleges which has enabled Elite to be one of the first places they call when looking for a player who fits their needs.

  • Will not only help the player get the exposure to schools that best fit his/her ability and needs, but also provide instruction on how to get better in each aspect of their game. Elite Baseball has many different connections that each player will have access to in order to grow their game to the next level.

  • Potential to have clips of video posted on our various platforms of social media for coaches, scouts, and public to see.

  • Elite Sports Recruiting is just one piece of our one stop shop here at Elite Baseball. Combined with our elite instruction and speed/strength training, there is no better place in the tri-state area to come in order to take your career to the next level.

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